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Writing Foundations is a tutorial program designed to help parents build a solid foundation of powerful writing skills in their students ages eleven and up. Equipped as a writing instructor via the Institute for Excellence in Writing since 2001, Ms. B has designed a unique curriculum that allows students to experience and practice the structure and style of quality written work. Students grow in their writing skills through stylistic exercises, outlines, drafts, personalized editing, revisions, grammar lessons, vocabulary quizzes, games, and much more. Writing Foundations offers weekly tutorial classes via Adobe Connect webinar as well as daily independent study/guided lessons via email.

This is How We Roll Around Here


This little snippet shows how we edit and score papers for webinar and online Independent Study students using iAnnotate on the iPad.

This paper, from a Level 2 webinar class, was a 1-paragraph summary from an outside source about Emperor Justinian. You can see that the lesson included work with bibliographies and parenthetical references. The student included the bibliography entry below the paragraph, not shown in this picture. The student color-coded the required techniques from earlier lessons, which we made sure were used correctly. The editing codes refer to a grammar guide that explains the details behind every edit so the student can revise the paper correctly. The red box (with the 3) that falls off the right side of the page takes the student to a comment that gives suggestions for how to fix that confusing sentence. The yellow shape at the bottom is part of a “thumbs up” stamp with a positive comment typed below. We send such a draft back to the student who revises and submits one more time for a final score on the paper. That’s how we roll here at Writing Foundations!

Free Download Handwriting Practice Pages

I just used The Institute for Excellence in Writing Linguistic Development Through Poetry Memorization program to make handwriting practice pages for my daughter’s handwriting workbox this year. I am so excited to finally have handwriting content that will hold her interest and have purpose. She’s my “funny bunny” of the three and enjoys everything laced with humor. Thus, I used poems like “Ooey Gooey” and “Rebecca, Who Slammed Doors for Fun and Perished Miserably” by Hillaire Belloc. I also added “Be Glad Your Nose is On Your Face” by Jack Prelutsky to round out the 23 weeks of lessons. I printed 4 of each lesson, so she will practice the same poem for 4 days in a row, and we will practice them out loud along the way as well. I am so thrilled with these pages, I just had to share. We’re using Pre-Cursive slanted font at this time. You can download them for your own family use below.

Pre-Cursive Slanted ExInPoetryHW

All right, I did it again, only this time in Modern Cursive. Have fun!

ExInPoetry Modern Cursive

Bonus: “After the Party” by William Wise

After the Party