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Kudos for WF!



Writing Foundations is a course that improves writing skills. The course helps you write stories better, and it teaches you about banned words and WOW words. It helps you to learn how to use an outline, and how to revise a story. It teaches you to use strong adjectives and powerful verbs. Students learn important skills in Writing Foundations. Writing Foundations is a great course to take.
– John, 13 years, Level Half

I just wanted to write to you and tell you what a blessing your writing class is and continues to be. [My son] was in your class for two years and is now a 7th grader at [a local academy]. …he has received an average of 100% or greater on ALL essays he has had to write (in English, science and history). Whether the essays are a part of a homework assignment, a quiz or exam, he has scored extra credit points on EVERY writing assignment in EVERY class. This is due to you, your excellent teaching and your wonderful class. He remembers the “formula” for writing paragraphs (topic sentence, three supporting sentences, and a concluding sentence). He tries to add color to his paragraphs by adding “ly”, “clause starters”, “quality adjectives”, etc., etc. It has been a joy for me to watch how much of your class actually sunk in and has carried through in his daily writing. Just last night, I was editing a paper he had to write for his English class. I circled some passives, reminded him about title clinchers, and suggested he use the synonym finder in a few places. After reading the finished product, [he] said, “This is great. It reminds me of the good old days in Ms. Brekke’s class. I love this stuff.” Needless to say, I was floored. [His] passion is not writing, nor does he pretend it to be. However, he does understand the value of what you taught him, and he can appreciate the difference between the rough draft and the final draft. So, this is a long way of saying thank you for all you do!
– Pam, Parent of Elementary student

Just a note on a frosty Canadian morning to tell you how much our entire family is enjoying working with you, and learning from you! We all eagerly await the messages from Ms. B., and we are all learning. Your process is instructive and clear, and your feedback encouraging. This is exactly what we hoped for when we signed on; just wanted to let you know how grateful we are.
– Sabrina, Parent of Online Basic Essay students

Ms. B., I can’t believe it’s been 4 years since I’ve had you as a teacher! Amazing! School is GREAT this year. All of my professors love my papers and writing assignments, and I receive A’s on every written assignment I submit. I owe it to you! Your writing classes made such an impact on my life. I have the skills and confidence to write long papers with tons of reasearch, short reflection papers, and in-class written assignments. In my mind I formulate an outline and implement all of the “ly”, “www.asia”, and all of those other incredible techniques. Last week, I submitted a paper on my decision to become a teacher. It was a two-page paper and we couldn’t use the word “I”. Thanks to your handy tools, I used varying sentence structures and received an A. Your tools for writing have truly enhanced my academic skills and I am so grateful to you!
– Megan, Writing Foundations graduate

This was a great segue into your class for a first-timer. [My daughter] has had exposure now to several writing basics and has confidence to begin your class in the Fall. She LOVED your e-mails; it made her excited to see what was coming! They were enthusiastic, encouraging and funny!! She thinks Ms. B. is the BEST!!
– Lori, Parent of Online Writing Basics 1 Student

This was a very thorough introduction to writing for our student… Overall, the course surpassed all of our expectations. …several of the assignments took him approximately 2 hours to complete. The level to which you expected him to write I felt was very high for a 5/6 grade student, but I am thankful he had this experience and is going into a traditional school setting well-prepared.
– Kathy, Parent of Online Writing Basics 2 Student

We enjoyed the class! It filled a big need for me as a home school mom. Writing was the one topic I felt would be a challenge for me to teach. This class was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much for serving the home school community in this way.
– Lisa, parent of student, Level Half

Excellent class! [This is my] second student to take this class. My son didn’t enjoy writing before taking this class. He not only learned a lot, he seemed to enjoy it! My older daughter took the college composition class at Northwestern College (PSEO) this year. She found this class was very helpful in preparing her for that class. Thank you!
– Kris, parent of student, Level One

I just wanted to tell you that I recently received a 6 on the GRAD Test of Written Composition! It is a necessary test to pass high school and all freshmen have to take it. I know that I couldn’t have scored so highly if I would not have taken your classes. Thanks so much.
– Kristi, a recent WFD graduate

This has been a stupendous year. I have learned many different techniques and formats that I will use for the rest of my life.
– Luke, Level Two

This class taught many things about the fundamentals and basics of writing. I’m sure it will help in my PSEO classes in the fall. Thanks a lot, Ms. B!
– Nathan, Level One

Writing Foundations greatly improved my writing. I really liked the grammar warm ups because they helped me understand grammar better, and because of the EODs, I now feel prepared for the SAT and ACT.
– Katie, Level One

Taking this class has really improved my writing because I learned how to use the writing process and descriptive techniques. Ms. Brekke coined lots of fun phrases such as “think between the buns” that helped me remember the stuff I learned in class.
– Vanessa, Level One

Writing Foundations has taught me soooooo much!! I now write with confidence and alacrity!
– Olivia, Level One

This has been our second year in WF and once again, it has been a rewarding and challenging class. Ms. Brekke enthusiastically engages her students and methodically instructs them in the basics of writing and far beyond. Her “quirky” personality and refreshing sense of humor grab the students’ attention and keep them interested. WE LOVE MS. BREKKE.
– Shari, parent of students in Level One

Ms. Brekke makes this class what it is. My son has always despised writing and everything about it. Ms. B. brings fun, humor, and quirkiness to the writing process. This made the class tolerable for my son which is a huge advance! Not only that – he has actually learned a lot about writing! Thank you! Thank you!
– Gail, parent of student in Level One

I absolutely loved this class! Some of the assignments were difficult, but in the end, they paid off. I love Ms. B’s energy and humor, and the way she presented the information made it more fun to learn.
– Alaura, Level One

I have enjoyed Writing Foundations so much. My mom and the rest of my family notice my wider vocabulary and have complimented my writing. Writing Foundations is an amazing class, and I would recommend it to anyone.
– Sarah, Level One

I enjoyed this class tremendously! Ms. B. is an awesome teacher! She taught me numerous things aobut my writing. I look forward to coming back and participating in Writing Foundations Level II!
-Bridget, Level One

Ms. B. is an outstanding educator, commanding respect yet not stiff! My daughter’s biggest challenge this year was organization… I will say that she has grown in her ability to write and in her organizational skills. Your reward system is a great incentive! Keep up the excellent work, Ms. B!
– Sarah, parent of student, Level One

Totally Awesome! I can’t wait for next year. I love using the WOW words that I learned. I would totally recommend this class to anyone!
– Hannah, Level One

Writing Foundations is a superb class in which I learned the basics of writing. Ms. Brekke is a terrific teacher who has been a wonderful example for me.
– Stephanie, Level One

We loved this organization of the class. Each new concept was introduced in a sensible fashion that made it easy to learn. The assignments increased gradually in difficulty. We are so thankful for this class!
– Mary, parent of student, Level Half

This class was NEVER BORING!! Thank you for coaching/practicing for the oral presentations, which felt like an added bonus to an already rich and full curriculum.
– Barb, parent of student, Level Half

Fabulous class! You are an excellent teacher! Your class is an answer to prayer. 😉 We have learned much. It’s a bit like taking a drink from a fire hydrant; however, we were warned that this class requires 2-6 hours of homework per week. It’s true! Thanks, Ms. Brekke!
– Kris, parent of student, Level One

I enjoyed the essays a lot!
– Joe, Level Two

I really liked the portfolios. They were more challenging than publishing and made me think.
– Anita, Level Two

I really enjoyed doing the portfolio and presentation. I think it is nice to have kids review their work and explain it to their class. The techniques are great and very helpful. Thanks for a great year!
– Maria, Level Two

Writing Foundations was much better and way more fun than I expected. WFD helped my writing so much, and it made some of the assignments actually enjoyable.
– Josh, Level One

I absolutely loved this class. I cannot emphasize how much I learned this year. I love writing everything! 🙂

– Kristine, Level Two

The homework kept me busy! You’re a GREAT teacher! You’re hilarious and you make class fun! I learned a ton, and had a great time!!! 😀
– Rachel, Level One

Oh my goodness, this class is so good! Oops, oops, so praiseworthy, so beneficial, so practical… Two of our older children have also taken your class, and now one is starting college and claiming journalism as her major. She enjoys writing and doesn’t even procrastinate when she has papers to write. Her writing so improved after Writing Foundations. Our son landed a PSEO spot at a local university… His essay, a requirement for applying, was creative, catchy, and interesting. The writing style was reflective of the many lessons he learned taking your class. To this day, he also writes easily and painlessly.
– Barb, parent of many students in all levels

Thanks for bringing such life to your class – I enjoy it as much as the kids – and am learning (or relearning) so much along the way.
– Lori, parent of student, Level Half

I’ve never enjoyed writing and probably never will, but your class was amazing! It was the best I’ve ever taken, and my writing definitely improved… You actually made the class fun!
– Student, Level One

I just wanted to let you know how much our sons enjoyed your writing class… Neither of them like to write, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that they liked your class. What a blessing!
– Parent of students, Level Half

Thank you for the wonderful writing skills you have taught me this past year…
– Nathan, Level Half

Thank you so much for lending your expertise through the Writing Foundations class. My daughter has learned so much and enjoyed it too. She really does have an excellent “foundation” now in writing.
– Parent of student, Level One

You have been the most terrific writing teacher I have ever had. I really didn’t like writing until this class, but now I actually enjoy writing…
– Student, Level One

Thank you for giving me a love for writing! Because of this class, my writing abilities have improved tremendously – just ask my mom! I am now able to compile a paper quickly and easily with no stress! This is an invaluable gift that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Also, I know that I am just one of many who feel this way. Thank you for taking the time to invest in my future and more importantly, the next generation!
– Student, Level Two