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Helpful Links

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Algebra For Kids
Who knew Math could be SO MUCH FUN?

AP English and Composition Online
Online AP English and Composition Courses for 11th and 12th graders taught by an experienced IEW instructor!

The Baldwin Online Children’s Literature Project
A phenomenal collection of classic children’s literature – a superb resource for history and literature projects!

The Center for Literary Education
For the love of Literature, look no farther!

Choosy Homeschooler
Curriculum, program, product reviews written by homeschoolers who have actually used the materials. Tremendously helpful!

Cornerstone Tutorials
Worldview and Great Books discussion with a certified IEW instructor, Cathy Flowers

Don’t lose all the hard work you’ve put into those drafts. Use this FREE, easy-peasy backup service to keep everything saved and accessible by all your devices.

English Grammar 101
This site takes the mystery and misery out of grammar!

The Institute for Excellence in Writing
The Birthplace of Writing Foundations!

Hawaii Write Now
If you are blessed to live in Hawaii, you have an Accomplished Institute for Excellence in Writing instructor in your own back yard, Karen Shimabukuro!

The ultimate source for the finest in fine-tipped writing instruments. This site makes Ms. B. giddy with all its needle point pen tips!

Who knew studying for those WOW Quizzes could be so much fun? Come join Ms. B’s Group and see if you can beat her highest scores!

Rekindling Your Spirit
It’s a stream of Living Water for a dry and thirsty soul!

Retrain the Brain
Handwriting is essential!

Scribe Tutorials
Online lessons with Sherry Luiz, an accredited IEW tutor, specializing in critiques and research reports.

Teachable Scotts Tots Homeschool –
Homeschooler-Owned Business Directory
A list of homeschooler-owned businesses across the country, complete with business details and bios of the owners.

UGLee Pen
The most comfortable writing pens on earth! Excellent for muscle development in beginning writers and essential for stress relief for those who write a lot.

Wings Educational Services for Teens – WEST
A tutor-based co-op offering weekly classes for home-educated students in 7th through 12th grade in the St. Michael, MN area.

Write for Success Today
Ann Empfield is a certified IEW instructor who offers The Elegant Essay and Research Report advanced writing courses online.

Youth Educated At Home – YEAH
Supporting homeschooling families through the teen years!